Have you realized that you haven’t thought enough about food service cost control? Want to change your purchasing ways for the better? Well, to purchase efficiently, you need to ask these questions and have set-in-stone, written answers each and every time you order. Here are the questions you need to ask.


1. What will you purchase?

a) What’s the volume for each item?
b) What are the specifications for each item? [See note below on specifications]
c) What do you have already in your inventory?


2. How will you receive inventory?

a) When will you receive inventory?
b) Where exactly is the inventory delivered?
c) What’s the process to get it into storage?
d) Who on your team is responsible for receiving the inventory and getting it into storage?
e) How will you verify the inventory received?


3. Who will you purchase from?

a) Is there a primary vendor or do you split purchases?
b) Who are your backup and supplementary vendors?
c) How will you ensure the best quality, price, and service from your vendors?*
*The answer to this one is by signing up with PositSum, of course. Some questions are more difficult than others.


Notes on Specifications

For question 1b, your answer should include specifications for both item requirements and vendor instructions. This will prevent any mixups or questions on your side or your vendor’s side. These specifications should be in the hands of both your team and the vendor’s team.


Specifications for the item

i) Product name

ii) Product quantity and unit size

iii) Brand or grade


Specifications for the vendor

i) Delivery time

ii) Delivery procedures

iii) Billing and payment procedures (PositSum will take care of this if you work with us)

iv) Expected price per item (PositSum can also take care of this!)