This document is meant to outline the terms of service and privacy policy for ReceiptSheet Surveys. ReceiptSheet Surveys are opt-in: users can only sign up for the service if they fill out a form and share their ReceiptSheet with . Users of ReceiptSheet Surveys must be over the age of 18.

What are ReceiptSheet Surveys

ReceiptSheet Surveys are a way for users to receive questions and content (text, image, and video) sent by survey designers based on the content of users’ ReceiptSheets and be paid for doing so. These will be in the form of surveys sent through email. Payment will be sent through email as well, using PayPal.

For the user, this is meant to provide them with compensation in exchange for helping companies learn more about how and why people buy certain products. For the designers, this is meant to allow them to ask questions to people who purchase certain products.

ReceiptSheet Surveys are anonymous and privacy-focused. The users’ emails are only available to PositSum, which sends out the surveys. Designers can see users’ ReceiptSheets, but they cannot see the users’ email addresses. Any purchases the user would not like designers to see, they can delete from their ReceiptSheets.

Information involved in ReceiptSheet Surveys

The only information involved in ReceiptSheet Surveys is the data provided by the users themselves (i.e. their purchases as shared by them), and their email addresses. The users’ email addresses are only available to PositSum, not to the designers of the surveys.

Users’ Privacy Controls and Rights

Users can control the information available to PositSum or to the companies. First, they can control what information appears on the ReceiptSheet by deleting information from their spreadsheets before sharing. Second, they can request the removal of any information after sharing by emailing, including the entirety of their ReceiptSheet.

If users have any concerns about how their information is being used, they may email

Users’ Obligations

Users must not alter their ReceiptSheet before sharing them to, except for deletion of items due to privacy-related concerns. If a user alters their ReceiptSheet in an attempt to deceive PositSum or designers, they are liable to be banned from the platform.

Users must answer Surveys carefully and honestly, doing their best to provide meaningful information to the designers.

Survey terms for designers

The end goal for ReceiptSheet Surveys is for users to be provided with surveys that are useful, remunerative, and privacy-focused. To that end, here are the rules:

  1. Surveys must be remunerative, paying a certain amount of money per question to the user. The only complication to this is if a Survey includes a Comprehension question, which the user must answer correctly in order to get paid (i.e. to make sure the user is not answering questions randomly). The Comprehension question must be based on the information presented in the Survey, and it must be easy to answer.
  2. Surveys must not contain pornographic, graphic, or illegal content.
  3. Surveys must not ask for personally identifiable information, like names, phone numbers, social media accounts, employer, account credentials, government identification numbers, cardholder data, financial account data, or addresses.
  4. Surveys must not directly ask for users’ email addresses.