Paperpusher for Google Sheets

It’s like a tiny bookkeeper living in your Google Drive.

Effortless OCR

Effortlessly input line-by-line expenses directly from your paper receipt or invoice into a Google Sheet.

Key Comparisons

Categorize and create a record of your purchases, then filter that record to find your favorite product or vendor.

Targeted Sharing

Because all your data goes into a Google Sheet, you can easily share your purchase history or reviews with friends or family (but only if you want to).

Strategic Purchasing

With a premium account, you can get your whole team contributing to a single purchasing database. Decide quantitatively which vendors to work with, and which to throw out.

Purchase With Confidence

Paperpusher works overtime for you. It’s like having a tiny bookkeeper directly in Google Drive. It helps you get your data from your receipts or invoices onto a spreadsheet. Then it guides you through how to categorize your data, and auto-tag your categories (so “Granny Smith” becomes “Apple”). Then it puts them all in a database, so you can slice and dice the data as you wish. Who’s your cheapest, best-reviewed vendor? What was the best product you bought before sliced bread? Paperpusher can tell you!

Put receipt and invoice data in a spreadsheet with (almost) no typing required

Easily input line-by-line expenses from a paper receipt or invoice with a couple free tools and Paperpusher’s quick fixes. Got an electronic receipt or invoice instead? No problem! Paperpusher is happy to take that too.

Quickly create a searchable, permanent record of your purchases

Categorize, review, and create a permanent record of all your purchases. Tag your purchase prices, product names, and product amounts, then Paperpusher will autosuggest category names for each product. Get a permanent, searchable record of all your purchases with (almost) no effort required.

Move your receipt and invoice data into safe & secure data storage

 Move all your purchases into a database that lives in your Google Drive (and nowhere else). Let ’em lie there, filter them for apples-to-apples-comparisons, share them, or use them as a universal record of all your expenditures: it’s up to you.

Help your future self: gain insight into which purchases were worth it (and which really weren’t) 

Get the most out of your purchase history with custom tools. Ask your purchase history the tough questions: what was the most I paid for beer? Who is my favorite makeup vendor? What was the average price I paid for steaks in September 2016? All of these questions can be answered with the click of just a couple buttons.

Share your purchasing insights with others (but only if you want) 

Everything lives on Google Drive: your receipts, your categories, and your purchase history. So it’s all easy to share with your friends and family. Use Google Sheet’s inbuilt functionality to share everything, or just copy rows into an email and send them the old fashioned way. Either way, as soon as you send your data, your recipient can copy-paste the data into their own Sheet and slice, dice, or modify it just like it was their own data all along.

PREMIUM: Collaborate with your entire team to purchase more intelligently, together

With a premium account, you can combine any spreadsheets that are shared with you.  So, if you have a multi-person purchasing team, all the prices, quantities, and reviews that they record can automatically be copied from their spreadsheets into one new spreadsheet, updated as often as you want. The new spreadsheet can then be treated like any other sheet, without affecting the underlying data. Slice, dice, delete, or add: the information is yours.

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